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How to Do Background Checks

There’s no margin of error in a criminal history check: Either someone has a recorded criminal background or they don’t.

So would I have to hire a Records Investigation Company to get that quality of definitive information?

Thank goodness that’s not necessary. There are some excellent online criminal background check websites where for a small fee you can get reliable criminal history reports.

These records websites have spent a great deal of time and money accumulating data from nationwide sources (government, paid and private sites). They continually collect and upload data to their online directories.

Important prerequisites for an online criminal history check:

1. The records site must provide a Nationwide background check. Otherwise the child care worker with an arrest record in Ohio will show up as having no criminal history at her new post in Michigan. Free criminal record searches will usually only check their respective States.

2. The data collection process must be ongoing.

3. There must be customer service to help with searches.

In our line of work its absolutely critical that we use a criminal records directory with accurate and complete info. After searching various free and paid criminal background sites we found one site that meets our above criteria and which we use for almost all our criminal background history checks.

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