Aggressive Skin Rejuvenation

Among the many breakthroughs in modern medicine is the use of Human Blood for skin rejuvenation. Many individuals suffer dermatological problems due to illnesses, allergies, accidents and other causative factors. Human blood cells such as plasma and platelets are known to help in restoring cells and also in warding off attacks and works wonders when present in adequate quantities in the body. This can also be used in anti-ageing therapies.

Further research has shown that human blood plasma can help in wound healing, tissue regeneration, healing of skin diseases and allergies and others.

Platelet rich plasma is also used as it is a rich source of several growth factors and cytokines which help in stimulating the healing of soft bones and tissue. Therefore these can also be used in fractures and other types of accidents. It encourages skin rejuvenation by stimulating collagen growth and aiding in the blood supply to tissues.

Post pregnancy skin scarring, scarring due to surgery, fire accidents, acne, tightening around the eyes are some of the other types of skin rejuvenation possible. Thus we can see that there are a wide variety of applications which are by no means only a form of beauty treatment, but are actually valuable components for the wellbeing and restoration of persons facing dermatology issues.

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